My Tumblr has been thrown on the back burner for a while.  I’ve been super preoccupied with my new job & training - so these pictures date back to a few weeks or so ago.

Earlier this week I received my purple belt. When I first came back to training a couple years ago, I never looked too far in the future. My attitude towards it was more of what will be, will be. Though, I soon realized I couldn’t picture my life without it. It’s truly molded me and change my life - I’m completely honored that jiu jitsu is a huge part of me and to be a part of my amazing team at OCBJJ.

The group shot was from when Renzo PA came to train a few Sundays back - my Professor asked me to come in because they had a few girls my size joining them.  I was super thankful they drove all the way out here - it doesn’t happen often and it’s a great opportunity to get to train with other females.  

The following week Ricardo and Flavio Almeida stopped in for a seminar which is always such a great learning experience.  Also, a while back, OCBJJ expanded and we now have the luxury of taking strength + conditioning classes.  I’ve never felt stronger - it has completely changed me / my training.

I’ll leave you with some wise words from my boyfriend/teammate/coach, Kyle Cranmer.

"Jiu jitsu is an amazing thing because there is no way to fake it. No amount of smooth talk or false bravado a person has, the truth eventually finds its way out on the mats."